March 27th: I dreamt

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March 27th: I dreamt of a small town, a beautiful but very noisy town, with a lot of sound, high decibels, and occasionally quiet, disappeared suddenly, maybe only the night is quiet, all kinds of neon lights The flashing lights on this trail make this small town look gorgeous and glorious Order Newports Online, and the intersecting colored fiber is also very elegant. Waiting for the holidays, the streets will be very congested, very lively Newport Short, surrounded by tourists, bustling crowds around the small town, and the variety of screams, so that this small town has added some flavor, I am born again. Hi quiet, those noisy voices, I often worry about it. The people coming and going on the streets are endless, and the mountains and rivers are like the rivers and rivers, which are the mainstay of the city Cheap Smokes Free Shipping. The sun is gradually leaving, and the nature of the shift is the moon that hangs above the sky. The night is like ink, bringing me the sorrow in my heart. The faint lingering in the bubble of the past, constantly tumbling until it disappears, the bitter image is infused into the abyss of my heart. The night was getting deeper, and my spirit was embarrassing. Inadvertently, I heard a singer sing in my heart, and I was like a dream without knowing it. The dream is very real, the scene is still my original small town, but it makes me feel confused and very helpless. It turns out that I have spent several spring and autumn, and it is actually a few reincarnations. If it is a millennium, it is like a dream of the world, breaking into the void, the change of time and space, the lost soul, let me be embarrassed. The people's heart, the track that has been lost, blindly running around. I woke up, I really can't tell, until there is a voice telling me that when you wake up, it is just a part of your dreams. You have been lingering in this dream. I don��t know how many Spring and Autumn years 4 On the 2nd of the month: I have put a few words in my previous books. It is four big characters and a light time. It is the four words I wrote a year ago. Now I think it is quite intriguing. After thinking about it for a long time, I wanted to write a paragraph that belongs to me for these words and the first seal in the abyss: Time is speechless and flows thousands of times. Gently, shallow songs in the roundabout years. Listening quietly, can you smell the echoes of the past and find out the long-cherished memories. "Spring water is born, Chunlin is at the beginning, spring is ten miles, it is better to smile in the city. It is the bonfire of Qin Shimingyue, recalling that the seven countries went hand in hand, and a hundred schools of thought contend, you have a robes to caress the pages, you danced in the robes. The leaves are swelled, the rain is falling, the morning glows red and the whole poor, and also burns my memory. Ren Qingfeng gently smashes the old things, leaving only shallow memories, leisurely placed second: wind light When the flower settles, the time gently steps down the happy footprints Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes, and rolls away the glamorous beauty of the past. I don��t know the trivial things behind me, bothering people Cheap Newport Cartons, letting the memory plug in the wings of flying, carefree wings spread, the sky is not always It is sunny, the sun will not stop on the ground, the storm often happens, the clouds will also patronize from time to time, so the emotions occasionally collapse, in fact, it is harmless. The past is like the wind, gently floating in the air, memory Like a flower, bloom in your heart, if the heart is sunny, everything will become beautiful. In fact, most of the troubles in the world are caused by greed, as long as we do not excessively pursue the triviality of the world. Things, don't be disturbed by those things, don't be blinded by hypocrisy, we have to live under the pure and natural sky, try not to be bothered by the so-called haze, drowning. The days always want to flow through the fine sand of the fingertips Inadvertently slipping down, such as light smoke, fleeting, but fortunately, we have saved more or less memories. Those sorrows and sorrows of the past, in the waters of the years of love, with the waves gently passed away And only the joy and smile left, let it last for a long time in the depths of memory.

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