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Week 1 Roundup: If you’re a Boston sports fan Youth Rob Gronkowski Jersey , Sunday, Sept. 9 was a pretty good day. In fact, it was pretty much the picture-perfect sports day for anyone living in the Boston area. Does it get much better than a football-baseball double-header in mid-September? These are the days when you can just escape the copious amounts of stress that life heaps upon all of us and just dive headfirst into a day filled with nothing but sports. And a pair of victories.First those who took advantage of the double-header, first you ventured out to Foxboro to watch the Patriots kick off their 2018 season against the Houston Texans. You watched 41-year-old Tom Brady do his normal thing: throwing for nearly 300 yards and three touchdowns as the Pats opened the season by making a statement. Then, you came back to Boston for the nightcap at Fenway Park, in which the Red Sox walked off against the Astros in the bottom of the ninth to avoid a three-game sweep. Sunday couldn’t have turned out better. It’s days like these that we will look back on in about a month, when the Red Sox bullpen coughs up a three-run lead in the eighth inning in Game 7 of the ALCS because their bullpen is an utter nightmare. But even then, we’ll still have Sept. 9, 2018.Meanwhile, not only did the Patriots win their season opener, but Week 1 was pretty wild all around the NFL 鈥?especially the Packers-Bears game on Sunday Night Football. I’ll get more into that later, but Bears fans: please know that you have my sympathy. That was as brutal of a defeat as I have ever witnessed.Here are a few thoughts following the first NFL Sunday of 2018 鈥?#45;- I think the most encouraging thing I took away from Sunday’s Pats-Texans game was how well the New England defense stepped up. Obviously, you knew they wouldn’t be completely awful like they were in the Super Bowl because Dont’a Hightower was back, and also Matt Patricia was gone. But last year in Week 3, Deshaun Watson came into Gillette Stadium as a rookie and carved up the Pats for 33 points. On Sunday, they had Watson all out of sorts. He fumbled the ball on Houston’s very first snap of the game, for instance. At one point, he carelessly heaved the ball from midfield to the end zone and was intercepted by Stephon Gilmore. Watson’s overall confidence seemed a little shaken. He’ll get it together, but New England definitely succeeded in making him uncomfortable.Above all else, the Texans struggled mightily in the red zone, and didn’t manage to score a touchdown until the final two minutes of the third quarter. After that abysmal Super Bowl, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Patriots’ defensively coming into 2018. Their performance on Sunday was good to see.-- If you’re a Bills fan, you’ve got to be slamming your head against a brick wall right now. Last year the Bills finally snapped their playoff drought, and now they are being forced to watch Nathan Peterman as their quarterback. I was wondering what the over/under would be for how many games it would take for Josh Allen to be forced into action because Peterman would just be so unbelievably bad.Turns out Womens Elandon Roberts Jersey , Peterman didn’t even last a full game. At one point, it was 39-0 Ravens, and the camera just zoomed in on Peterman standing on the sideline with his helmet on and wearing a heavy jacket to try and keep warm from the rain, and he just looked completely dumbfounded. It was like he couldn’t even comprehend what was happening. The rookie Allen came in to play the fourth quarter and wound up with more completed passes and more passing yards than Peterman, who also had two interceptions. On the plus side for Buffalo fans, the Bills may very well have the first overall pick in the draft next year.-- After finishing in a 21-21 tie with the Browns, don’t be surprised if Steelers fans choose not to show their faces for the rest of year. That’s just straight up embarrassing.Alright, I’m running really short on time, so I need to wrap this column up quickly. I’m going to plow through these last few points faster than the speed of light.-- I have no idea what happened in New Orleans between the Saints and the Bucs (final score: Bucs 48, Saints 40). But I do have one question: is Tampa Bay going to be looking to trade Jameis Winston any time soon? Apparently they score more points without him.-- Just like I expected, the Kansas City Chiefs offense is the real deal. Tyreek Hill went off for 169 receiving yards and two touchdowns, while first-year starting QB Pat Mahomes threw four touchdown passes on 256 passing yards. Since Jon Gruden totally dismantled the Raiders, I don’t see how the Chiefs don’t win the AFC West.(PS: Mahomes is the backup QB on my fantasy football team, but he might have just earned his way into my starting lineup for Week 2.)-- Speaking of fantasy football, I have both Saquon Barkley and the Jaguars defense on my team, and they played against each other in Week 1. But it turned out perfect though, because Barkley broke away for a 68-yard touchdown, and the Jags intercepted Eli Manning for a pick six. Both sides greatly contributed to my fantasy football needs. I appreciate the love and support, guys. Thank you.-- Alright, to wrap this baby up real quick, I just want to say this: for Chicago fans, I’ve seen few losses in sports tougher than that Sunday night game. The Bears at one point led 20-0, and in the first half, Aaron Rodgers had been knocked out of the game in what everyone feared might be a season-ending knee injury.But Rodgers miraculously recovered and came back for the second half Womens Rex Burkhead Jersey , and he lit up the Chicago defense in just about every way possible, including a ridiculous 75-yard touchdown pass to Randall Cobb to give Green Bay a 24-23 lead — and ultimately the win. There were just no words to be spoken.No words other than 鈥?sorry, Chicago. When the going gets tough, Tom Brady goes to Rob Gronkowski.The Patriots tight end had only three catches against the Chiefs on Sunday night, but he had big gains on each of the team's final two drives to help New England beat previously undefeated Kansas City 43-40.Gronkowski had a 42-yard catch and run to start a drive with under four minutes left that helped set up a Stephen Gostkowski field goal. Then, after Patrick Mahomes connected with Tyreek Hill on a 75-yard touchdown, Brady found the big tight end for 39 yards to the Kansas City 9.Gostkowski ended it with a 28-yard chip shot."We kept fighting. We stayed strong," Gronkowski said Monday. "It was a great night, a great football game."A five-time Super Bowl champion and three-time NFL MVP, Brady has had no trouble finding receivers in his 18-year career. But Gronkowski is one of his favorites, including 76 TD passes from the Patriots quarterback — nearly twice as many as the next most prolific Brady target."He made a big play. He's been making a lot of those his career," Brady said. "I'll keep throwing to him in the biggest moments."Gronkowski had one catch in the first quarter and then wasn't targeted again until the fourth as the Chiefs double-covered him for much of the game. But on first and 10 from their own 21 with 3:50 to play, Brady hit Gronkowski for 42 yards to set up a 50-yard field goal that made it 40-33.After Mahomes and Hill tied it, Brady dropped back from the Chiefs 48 and saw his 6-foot-6 tight end running one-on-one with cornerback Josh Shaw. He lofted a long pass into Gronkowski's arms; it took Shaw another 15 yards to bring him down."It was a really good throw," said Patriots receiver Chris Hogan, who had catches of 42 and 19 yards on back-to-back plays during the Patriots' last touchdown drive. "I knew that with Rob being there, he had a really good chance at getting the ball. He ran a great route and set the offense up for a game-winning field goal."With three catches for 97 yards, Gronkowski finished the game with 500 career receptions — just the NFL's 15th tight end to reach the milestone. He did it in 108 games, the fourth-fastest in league history; he also hit the 7,500 yards receiving mark, the eighth tight end to do so."They just made plays when it came down to it. The quarterback is a damn good player. The tight end is a damn good player," Chiefs cornerback Orlando Scandrick said. "Those guys have been with each other a long time and you can see it. You can see the non-verbal communication. They just made more plays than us tonight. I tip my hat to Tom Brady. I tip my hat to Rob Gronkowski. I tip my hat to Julian Edelman, the whole Patriots football team."

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