Today, I climbed up from the bed

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Today, I climbed up from the bed early. After washing, I had a cup of milk and pulled out a few sausages Marlboro Red 100S. I had a breakfast together. When you see this, you may ask: "What is going on, why are you going to make breakfast?" Hey, don't sell off, tell you, I am the head today!The clock knocked ten times, ah! not good! It��s time to go out and buy food. I threw down my life, slammed the basket, and boarded the scooter, rushing to the market Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I didn't expect the "brake" to be broken. I almost didn't drop me to the bottom! "It's bad luck!" I muttered in my mouth Marlboro Cigarettes, but my heart was sweeter than eating honey! I am headed today!r a while, I locked my eyes on a fruit stand. I walked over and asked: "Uncle, what is this peach sold?" "Ten yuan three pounds" uncle shouted. As soon as I heard it was so cheap, I even picked it up, and after a while, the peach in the basket came out sharp. One name, hey, twenty yuan, one yuan! I took out the money, handed it to my uncle, and picked some cherry beads. This is enough, because it is not worthy of the name of "Little Cat".g back from the market, I have a big bag in my hand. "It's quite heavy!" I couldn't help but say. I passed the cherry off, broke the peach array, rushed out of the squad, and broke the Beans Newport Cigarettes Price. There are only two left, fried rice and beans, and - eat! (When the little sly cat is in the air, everyone is upside down!)rding to the token of ����, I put the beans first and tortured them cruelly. Then pour the peanut oil into the pot and cut the frozen pork into strips. After a while, the oil is on! I threw the pork into the pot. Because I can't wait, I said: "When is the bean horn?" The mother replied: "When the oil is out." After a few minutes, the fried beans are finally ok. Can be found on the table, only to find that some are raw, some are cooked. Mother-in-law: "You are not stirring, so that you are not familiar with each other!" "Hey!" I suddenly realized.ured it into the pot again and carefully fry it again. Finally, I finally got the praise of the "Traditional Chefs". Eat your own food Newport 100S, don't have a taste in your heart. I can't help but think of the parents who work day and night. When they go to work, they have to take care of this family. Sometimes I still make them angry... "Dad, mother, I want to be a good boy who knows things, no longer bother you, I When I grow up, I will do my part for this family and make our home full of happiness and warmth.

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Today is a sunny day, the road is dry

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