MUNICH, Germany -- Second-seeded title holder Tommy Haas defeated Alejandro Falla 6-2, 6-4 on Thursday to advance to the quarter

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MUNICH, Germany -- Second-seeded title holder Tommy Haas defeated Alejandro Falla 6-2, 6-4 on Thursday to advance to the quarterfinals of the BMW Open. Carlos Salcedo Mexico Jersey . Haas is recovering from a shoulder injury and said it was still not fully healed, "but a lot better than in the past months or weeks." Haas will next meet seventh-seeded Andreas Seppi, who beat qualifier Albert Ramos 6-3, 6-4. Top-seeded Fabio Fognini defeated wild-card entry Dustin Brown 7-6 (4), 6-2 and "lucky loser" Ricardas Berankis upset Jurgen Melzer 7-6 (5), 3-6, 7-6 (6). Camiseta Javier Aquino . Louis Cardinals won the World Series last season, but after losing first baseman Albert Pujols to free agency and manager Tony LaRussa to retirement, they opened the 2012 season in 12th spot in the TSN. Camisetas De Futbol Replicas Baratas . The Mets made the announcement Sunday night. Parnell blew a save on opening day against Washington and the next day it was revealed he had partially torn right elbow ligament. . - Buffalo Bills running back C. Christian Horner addresses the media ahead of the Spanish GP and covers all topics regarding the Max Verstappen and Daniil Kvyat swap between Red Bull and Toro Rosso.Daniil said he hasnt had a real explanation as to why this decision was made, whats your explanation for the move?Christian Horner: Of course, many people will judge it to be harsh or unjust, possibly. But Red Bull is in a unique position where we have four cockpits in Formula 1 in Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, and at the moment theyre four relatively competitive cockpits. We have an awful lot of information about the drivers. They come through the junior programme, we see how they develop on the simulator, we analyse their performance in the car, we generate a huge amount of data, knowledge, information, together with other testing that we do with the drivers.We came to the conclusion that Daniil has been struggling a little bit for form compared to his team-mate, there had been a consistent pattern there. The discussion arose about Max and within the contractual situation that we have with these drivers and the four cockpits we had a unique opportunity to shuffle the order.So, rather than waiting until later in the year we elected to get on and do that in time for the European season and thus effectively switch the two drivers, Verstappen into the Red Bull Racing car and Daniil into the Toro Rosso. Kvyat shocked by demotion Daniil Kvyat has admitted he was shocked by his demotion from Red Bull to junior outfit Toro Rosso Does that mean you would have done the same if the accident in Russia had not happened?CH: I think the accident in Russia for many people is seen as a catalyst but theres obviously an awful lot more that is considered than just one Sunday afternoon. As I say, were privy to an awful lot of information with these guys. It wasnt a decision that was taken lightly, and it was given a huge amount of consideration.There were other factors obviously as well regarding the longer term and future of the Red Bull Racing team regarding its driver line-up.You could wait until the test after Silverstone, you could wait until the end of the year, but we elected that actually, if were going to do it, lets get on and do it in time for the European season.Both the drivers were in the factory on Friday of last week testing in the simulator for their respective teams. While it might seem unnatural for another team, the fact that Red Bull does have these four cockpits, it allows us essentially to have that flexibility and deem what we see as putting our best foot forward. Max Verstappen and Daniil Kvyat face the media after it was announced the pair would swap places. When you talk about long term, do you have in mind that other teams are interested in Max as well and this is probably a chance for Red Bull to show him how important he is?CH: Of course. Max Verstappen is, make no mistake about it, one of the hottest properties in Formula 1 at this point in time. Its only natural that other teams would show interest in a driver thats demonstrating that kind of ability and talent. It also kills off the driver market regarding Red Bull drivers, certainly for the foreseeable future.Do you feel sorry for Daniil?CH: Look, I think its a harsh decision. Feeling sorry for Dani, on one hand you can see that hes not driving a Red Bull Racing car, but hes still driving in a competitive car in Formula 1.I think he takes some solace from the fact that any other driver who hasnt succeeded at Toro Rosso or Red Bull Racing hasnt been retained. Formula 1 costs Red Bull tens of millions of pounds, if we didnt believe in him as a talent he wouldnt have been retained.I think putting him into Toro Rosso will enable him to recover his confidence and form and of course we can evaluate it from there. Do you think its fair to suggest that the door hasnt been closed on him coming back here?CH: As weve demonstrated, anything is possible. The contracts that they have obviously permit the team to cross the drivers across those seats.Is there any sense that going forward that if you want to win a Constructors Championship, youve got too have two absolute top drivers in your Red Bull team?CH: You always want to put your best foot forward and have the most competitive driver line-up as you can possibly have. Giovani Dos Santos Jersey Mexico. I think a Ricciardo-Verstappen line-up potentially is one of the, if not the, strongest pairing of future years. Of course that depends on how things develop and pan out and how regulation changes come in for next year. With the power units hopefully converging, that provides some opportunities for this team over the next couple of seasons. Daniil Kvyat clarifies whether he keeps his podium. Has Verstappens contractual situation changed in any way during this process?CH: Im not going to tell you what, but yes. Hes beyond any doubt committed to this team for multiple years.Will he get more money as a Red Bull driver?CH: The salaries between the drivers are absolutely fixed so both drivers will be earning the same as what they were earning, respectively.Was Daniil warned that he was effectively driving for his seat?CH: With these guys, theres always pressure. Particularly in our scenario, youve got a junior team where if drivers are performing you have the ability to upgrade drivers. That pressure has inevitably been there since the pre-season test. Thats not something that needs to be spelt out to a driver on a daily basis.Was there some impatience from Verstappens side to make the move earlier in the season?CH: No, there was no pressure at all. Max was actually more surprised than Daniil was, to be honest with you. There was no positioning or pressure from Maxs side or management in any way. We look back at the crash that cost Daniil Kvyat his place in the Red Bull line-up from the Spanish Grand Prix onwards. Do you think it could be too early to put him in at 18 against Ricciardo?CH: Certain people said it was too early for him when he came in at 16. I think hes proved to be one of the most exciting things currently about Formula 1 in the paddock.Hes demonstrated that hes got a great amount of natural talent, great natural ability. He can overtake, he can race.Hes got an awful lot to learn but hes got a very mature head on young shoulders. Certainly, everything Ive seen in his development so far has impressed me enormously and I think that curve will continue.Do you think hell give you some flash points in terms of managing him? There seemed to be a break down at Toro Rosso.CH: Im not really aware whats happened at Toro Rosso, I can only judge whats happened at our team. Weve had difficult relationships with our drivers before, it tends to happen when youve got two quick ones.I dont see it being an issue. I think that hes growing as a driver but also as a young man as well. When he gains more experience his outlook is going to change on certain things but you can see this absolute desire burning within him at the moment, and competitiveness, and of course a huge amount of talent.Of course, hes going up against one of the very best drivers in Formula 1 as a benchmark and that is Daniel RIcciardo. The way Daniels driving at the moment I dont believe theres a better driver in Formula 1. The thought of the pairing is fantastically exciting for us.Which driver is under the most pressure in Spain?Watch the Spanish GP live on Sky Sports F1. The race starts at 1pm on Sunday, with build-up underway at 11.30am. Or watch the race without a contract for £6.99 on NOW TV. 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