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Recently, a 5 year old baby in the hospital for examination of hypertension, doctors measured after the blood pressure was stunned, systolic blood pressure up to 180, and the effect is very poor blood pressure, all clinical tests are normal. Until the blood vessel endothelium examination, only to find the child's blood vessels like the eighty year old old man arteriosclerosis Cheap Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, serious damage to the endothelium, and even the disappearance of the pulse Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping. When the smoke smell of the child's father came to consult, I know, he smoked 3~5 packs of Newport Menthol cigarettes a day. Second hand smoke on the vascular endothelial injury, more serious than their own smoking. The father of the child that is you like smoking harm their children so small with hypertension, heavy smoke yourself a slap in the face, burst into tears, kneel!

The main harm of secondhand smoke on children: 1, respiratory diseases, any one of them parents smoke, children suffering from respiratory diseases, and the risk of wheezing lower respiratory diseases compared with non-smoking parents of children increased, but also the impact on children of smoking mothers more Big.Studies have shown that maternal smoking before the birth or birth of a child after a family member smoking will lead to a significant decline in lung function in children Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa.Domestic research has also confirmed that secondhand smoke exposure is associated with the occurrence of respiratory disease in children. Passive smoking in children suffering from the risk of colds, pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma were higher than those in non passive smoking in children and children suffering from the number of respiratory diseases increased with the extension of the amount of smoking and family members of the years of smoking. Passive smoking group children of immune serum globulin content lower than no passive smoking in children, and with the increase of passive smoking and family smoking years decreased gradually Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping, and immune globulin content decreased passive smoking in children recurrent respiratory tract infection risk will be increased. Although asthma is a complex disease caused by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. But in recent years, more and more people pay attention to the influence of second-hand smoke exposure on childhood asthma. The study found that children exposed to second-hand smoke had a significantly higher risk of asthma and risk. 2, otitis media. The risk of acute otitis media in children with parents who smoke is 1.0-1.5 times as much as that of parents who do not smoke Wholesale Newport cigarettes Online. The risk of children suffering from recurrent otitis media is 1.37 times as much as those of parents who do not smoke. The greater the amount of daily smoking, children suffering from acute otitis media with higher risk, mother daily smoking cheap Newport cigarettes 1-9, 10-19, greater than the risk of 20 children suffering from acute otitis media were 1.6 times the nonsmoking parents children, 2.6 times and 3.3 times as much as. 3, allergic diseases. As early as 1981, the medical authority magazine first suggested that secondhand smoke exposure may increase the body's allergic sensitization. A study in the analysis of 18606 International Children's asthma and allergy research assembly, the members of the family daily at home smoking more than 50 children suffering from the risk of allergic rhinitis is no 2.90 times of that of the passive smoking in children. 4, children with malignant tumor. There is evidence that children exposed to secondhand smoke can lead to leukemia, lymphoma and malignant brain tumors, both before and after birth. In addition, it is necessary to further evidence that the maternal exposure to secondhand smoke during pregnancy can lead to malignant tumors in children. 5, decay. The researchers believe that the younger the child accompanies the parents in a longer Buy Discount Cigarettes, if their parents smoking, then the children inhaled more opportunities of second-hand smoke, susceptible to tooth decay probability higher.

So give up smoking for the sake of the health of your children and family! At least to avoid children smoking cheap Newport Cigarettes online, in order to children, we have what can not tolerate it?
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